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New Orleans Musicians Play The Grateful Dead 



Grateful Dead songs Played By New Orleans Musicians


"Busted down on Bourbon St. Set up, like a bowling pin" (Truckin'- Grateful Dead; 1970) New Orleans has always been a sore topic when referring to the Grateful Dead, mostly attributed to the band's famous hotel room arrest after performing a show at The Warehouse in January 1970. As a direct result, listening to the music of the Grateful Dead in a live setting is hard to come by in the Big Easy.


The Iko Allstars, Founded by  Guitarist  Billy Iuso and joined by Mike "Fou" Fouquier on Drums. The duo  Recruits the best musicians New Orleans has to Offer.  Reggie Scanlan ,  Mike Doussan , Brian Stoltz , Papa Mali , John Gros ,Cr Gruver, Willie Green, Johnny Vidacovich & many more have all participated in the past to fill out a 6 piece line up. They have set out to pay tribute to the Dead in their own unique way. The Iko lineup mirrors the Grateful Dead's.  Effortlessly, the group places a New Orleans spin on the Dead's jam oriented repertoire. Each of the Allstars bleeds purple, green, and gold. This, combined with their love for the Grateful Dead, comprises the foundation of the Iko Allstars. They ride a wave that was set in motion in 1965; perpetually jamming on songs we've heard many times, and in many different ways.  The Iko Allstars truly give us their own interpretation of the music of the Dead.




Billy Iuso