Restless Natives

Billy Iuso

Funky Jam Rock from New Orleans

BILLY IUSO & RESTLESS NATIVES After leading the critically claimed Brides of Jesus for over a decade, frontman and songwriter Billy Iuso (guitar, vocals) shortly after releasing the third Brides album "Saints & Sinners" in the fall of 2002. With the Brides, Iuso had toured and played with some of the biggest names in the forefront of the Jam-Band movement in the 90's. His high energy mix of funk, roots rock with an occasional strange cover that left deep impressions on those who saw them. On one occasion Iuso was told bluntly by Dave Matthews that, "You guys are one of the few opening acts I've ever remembered."

Using different Musicians from both the funk and jazz scene, the Natives' sound continues to evolve into a new hybrid of Truly improvised music. A typical show brings a sonic environment that remains accessible while pushing the line towards the abstract. Original songs subtly change to one of many eclectic covers, the seamless flow pushed by dynamic funky drum beats.

Recent highlights of the Natives include a stellar show at Tipitina's that featured Papa Grows Funk's Marc Pero on bass with Russell Batiste or Mean Willie Green on a drum set, late night jams in the French Quarter with the likes of the Grateful Deads own Bobby Weir in the audience and bringing the patio bar at House of Blues to a second-line sing-a-long on Mardi Gras Day.

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